School Board

School board members are selected by their constituent church board for one-to-two-year terms (or untill the position is filled).  Board chair and vice-chair positions are nominated and filled each July by the school board members.  The principal acts as the board secretary.

Board Officers

Chair -  Kevin Cornwell
Vice Chair - Chuck Wilcox 
Principal/Secretary- Joey Freitas

Hilo Church Representatives

Casey Ludwig
Sara Martinez

Victor Andres
Jane Waipa

Local Ex-Officio Members

        Hilo and Puna Church Pastor -  Rene Lopez
        School Treasurer - Elizabeth Toledo
        Preschool Director - Jane Bumanglag
        Home and School Leader - Warren Sakaino - Term expires 6/30/18

Confernce and Union Ex-Officio Members

       Hawaii Superintendent of Education -  Miki Nelson
       Hawaii Conference President - Ralph Watt III
       Hawaii Conference Secretary - Gerald D. Christman
       Hawaii Conference Treasurer -  Bie An Tjia "Fong"
       Pacific Union Director of Education - Berit Von Pohle

 Board members and constituents may log in to this page to view school board documents.